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  Monthly Club Meeting Notes:

Meeting Date: 02-10-2018  

          1. Mike Bishop has requested to clean up the lead under the backstop and recycle it.  

          2. Officers were voted on:  President Rod Sampsel,   Vice President Bill Janz,    Treasurer Bob Schorle,   Secretary Steve Snider.   

                    Trustees Dan Arnold, Tom Arnold, Ron McFadden, Jon Thornton and Mike Yasch.

           3. Taxes We are going to see what it will take to get re-approved for non-profit status again.

Meeting Date: 09-10-2017  

          1. Steve Adkins will check on who would supply meat for $75 for the meat round.  

          2. Ron McFadden will order targets. (10,000).  

          3. Rod Sampsel will have the fire extinguishers checked and charged.  

          4. Rod will get filters for the furnace.  

          5. We will be changing the locks.  

          6. There will be kitchen training for the trustees.  

          7. Rod will get his name on the checking account.

Meeting Date: 08-14-2016

1. We will be cutting down trees near the path to give the farmer access to the fields.

2. Saturday September 17th will be a work day. Working on the shooting range and putting gravel under the buildings are some of the projects.

3. Saturday shoot rules will be discussed after the last shoot.

4. We will cap the bulls-eye round at $750.00 and use the rest of the money to start another pot.

Meeting Date: 02-14-2016

1. We voted no on the conceal carry class.

2. We are buying targets thru Ron McFadden from Shelby printing.

3. Shells were bought and stacked.

4. Raffles - tote boards will be sold for $10.00.

Meeting Date: 01-10-2016

1. Target prices: Camelot Printing - $987.20 for 20,000. Murr Printing - $890.00 for 20,000.

2. We are going to get shotgun shell prices.

3. Michael Kelly was voted in as a member.

4. February 14 - Trustee Meeting. Among agenda: conceal carry classes.

Meeting Date: 11-08-2015

                    1. Until the pot is won in the dice game only those that have rolled from the start can participate.

                    2. The game warden stopped out and would like to attend a meeting.

                    3. We will be having a dinner on December 12th 2015 at 5:30 p.m. for everyone involved with the club.

Meeting Date: 10-4-2015

1. We settled the dice game money issue - the club gets25% off the top with the rest going to the winner. Anyone can roll the dice.

2. We voted David Love in as a member.

3. We are going to have the club meetings the second Sunday of the month after the shoots.

4. We will be having a dinner on October 24th 2015 at 5:30 p.m. for everyone involved with the club.

Meeting Date: 12-21-2014

1. The pies will pay the club $10.00.

2. On the dice 10% will go to the club, 10% will go back in the pot and the winner gets the rest.

3. Bob is going to check prices on shirts and hats.

4. Ted Kotowski was voted in as a member.

Meeting Date: 11-16-2014

1. 13th of December will be the Christmas party.

2. The windows are up in the Saturday shooting area.

3. We are going to order the cleaners we used on the work day.

Meeting Date: 6-14-2014

1. July 19th will be a work day.

2. I need to update the website.

3. We are going to have a pot luck dinner on Saturday September 13th.

4. Frosty is bringing over his tiller to get rid of the old flower box.

Meeting Date: 4-19-2014

1. We discussed have the summer shoot schedule and it will follow the format of previous years.

2. We are going to assign club officials as no one seems to want to run.

3. We are going to change the Saturday shoot rules. They will be posted on the doors.

Meeting Date: 2-15-2014

1. 120 cases of shells are in and stored.

2. The price for signs advertising the shoots Saturday and Sunday will be $135.00. We voted to buy them.

3. After Rod Sampsel checked out our insurance we were told we already have the best deal.

Meeting Date: 1-18-2014

1. 2 more shoots then we have to buy shells.

2. Bob had the propane tank filled.

3. We need a new seal on the front door.

4. Ron McFadden is going to make another gun rack for the summer shoots.

5. Troy Roberts was voted in as a member.


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